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Melodic. Passionate. Hard-hitting Progressive Music. 

Praised for diversity in his DJing and musical writing, Dowden presents a deep, yet charging energy, full of melodic atmosphere. Ranging from high octane gritty Progressive nuance, to enchanting Deep House hymns, all with a subtle tone of darkness and mystery. Dowden consistently gains international support from the leaders of the industry, including Paul Oakenfold, Darin Epsilon, JOBE, Soul Button, John ’00’ Flemming, Marcelo Vasami, Quivver, Jaques Le Noir, Cid Inc, Jeremy Olander, and many more.

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"A few years ago I was a musician who knew next to nothing about production. I met Brenden and he not only educated me on the basics, but was enthused to answer any advanced questions I had. As a result of just a few short sessions, I was able to go anywhere my creativity brought me. Fast forward 4 years and I’m still applying his lessons today. I would definitely recommend any course he makes to anyone ready to learn!"
Luca Mauti


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