// Mixing And Mastering Services

Are you ready to take your productions to the next level?

Our mixing and mastering service is open to all genres, especially electronic music. We offer quick turnaround and exceptional results.

// Mixing

Once you submit your tracks for mixing, you will receive a 24bit Industry Standard PRE-MASTER file. The file will be provided with Volume Metering, EQ, Panning, Compression, Reverbs, Delays, Saturation, Stereo Widening, Glue Compression, etc.

Completed mixed tracks will be ready to send to labels, or ready to be mastered.

// Mastering

After submitting your tracks for mastering, you will receive a 24bit Industry Standard MASTER WAV file. All masters will be provided with EQ, Multiband Compression, Limiting Stereo Enhancement, Saturation, Reverb, etc.

Tracks will be ready for immediate release, or to be sent to labels.

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