// Mixing Services Submission


Remove all effects and processing that is strictly NOT for sound design. If you are using an effect (EQ, Chorus, Compression, Saturation, etc) to achieve a certain sound (distortion, specific delay times, specific reverb tails etc.), please do not remove it. Only remove the effects that are used specifically for the Mixing process.

If you send it to be mixed, and remove an effect that was used to manipulate the sound you desire, it will NOT be in the final mix.

If you send a stem with reverb on it, it WILL be included in the final mix!

Send the appropriate amount of stems to be worked with. This means if you have 3 different hats, you can choose to send 3 separate hat stems, but if all 3 hats are layered together to create 1 hat, you can choose to send the single stem with all three layered as one.

Please do not combine different instruments into different stems. Do not send Kick and bass together, or multiple percussive instruments together as one loop. If you do this, it will be more difficult to mix, and will not result in the best possible final product!

If you have specific deadlines in place for our mixing services, please be sure to note them in the form. We do our best to accommodate all requests! 

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