Top Tracks I Can’t Stop Listening To This Month [DECEMBER]

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Top Tracks: December

As music producers and DJs, it’s vital that we are constantly finding and listening to new music. This way we can expand our horizons, get inspired, and maybe narrow down our own sound or figure out what we like or don’t like. If we are constantly listening to the same tracks from the same artists, how can we ever hear fresh ideas and think outside of the box? 

With the abundance of new music released every day, it can be hard to cut through the noise and find the tracks that truly resonate with us. That’s why every month I’ll be sharing a few new tracks that I can’t stop listening to. New music from some of my favourite artists, and some artists that I may have never heard from before. Here are my picks for my top tracks in December:

1. Andre Hommen - Nowadays (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records]

This is one of those tracks that proves simplicity can be a very effective approach to music. The energy of the track keeps you guessing and wanting more, the entire way through. I’m excited to try this one out in my live sets.

2. Sasha - Ripcord (Original Mix) [Last Night on Earth]

I don’t know how this one went under the radar for me. LNOE is one of my favorite labels, and Sasha has outdone himself with this one. The combination of layers is very intricate but works so well together. This track is quite opposite of the above mentioned Andre Hommen track. Instead, this track uses complexity to convey a feeling, which is another effective approach to writing music.

3. Tim Engelhardt - Solar Ray (Original Mix) [Desert Hearts Black]

Tim has been releasing the highest quality of musical content since his debut in 2011. It is a rare occurrence where I don’t purchase one of Tim’s tracks as soon as I hear it. This one is dark and groovy, with bright tones of arps and glitchy sounds. This tune is definitely another hit from Tim.

4. Max Wexem - Children (Original Mix) [Freegrant Music]

‘Children’ is the first track I’ve heard from Max Wexem, but it really caught my attention. The melodic structure of the track is very bright and inviting. The samples of the children’s voices, mixed with beautiful melodies is sure to give any listener goosebumps.

5. Brian Cid, Adisyn - Lions Gate (Original Mix) [Endangered]

You never know what kind of track you’re going to get when Brian Cid is in the title. His diversity is incredible and never disappoints. It’s rare to see Brian collaborating with other artists, but with the touch of Adisyn, this track is another top pick.

So there you have it – my top picks for new music this month. It’s always hard to narrow it down to just a few, but these were the ones that stood out to me the most. Which track was your favourite? Did I miss any big ones this month? 

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